Ube Macapuno Ice Cream

Ube Macapuno Ice Cream is so easy to make with only five ingredients and no ice cream maker needed! Rich, creamy, and with intense ube flavor, it’s your next favorite frozen treat!

Guys, you’re in for a treat! With an intense ube flavor and generously studded with macapuno strips, this homemade ube macapuno ice cream is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.Ube-flavored wafers are optional but highly recommended.

I’m so obsessed with making my ice cream at home; my freezer is always stacked high with all sorts of flavor combinations such as mango or buko pandan.

Once you try this simple no-churn method, you’ll never go for store-bought ice creams ever again! Homemade is cheaper, tastes infinitely better, and you can easily make a batch without an ice cream maker or fancy equipment.

Helpful tips

  • Do NOT use ube halaya. I had an unopened bottle in my pantry, and I thought I’d skip the extra work of preparing purple yam by using it instead. Big mistake as the ice cream had the rich, silky texture I was looking for but was way too sweet for my taste.

  • Rinse and drain the macapuno preserves well as they’re usually packed in heavy syrup which can make the ice cream super sweet.
  • I was fortunate to find fresh ube on one of my trips to Seafood City, and I just boiled and mashed about one cup worth of the tubers to use in this ice cream


Cover the container with plastic film, gently pressing it on the surface of the whipped cream to prevent ice crystals.

Give this ube macapuno ice cream a try. It’s so quick and easy to make; you’ll be amazed how rich and creamy it turns out with little effort. Serve it in a cup or on a cone for the ultimate frozen treat!

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